• origo_1


    Hundreds of candles and roses give a unique atmosphere to Restaurant Origo in the East Harbour in Hanko. The large fish buffet offers the catch of the...

  • calliola_4

    Attractions + nature + conference at Calliola...

    Did you know that the region around Calliola during the middle ages was one of the important centres of civilisation in Southern Finland. The Raseborg...

  • JAP_

    Maritime programme + conference in Tvärminne...

    Hidden away by the seashore, lies a venue, which rarely would come to the mind of conference organisers.

  • Karelia-4_

    Creativity in Raseborg

    Among the things that people fear the most is to perform in front of an audience. However, fear is a lousy companion, so better get rid of it. Practic...

  • raseborg


    This is the place for sucoessful conferences and meetings in relaxed and inspiring surroundings.

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Fiskars Village

Today the birth place of Finnish industry offers traditions fused with modern art and design. The unique nature of the region is not easily forgotten.