• hels_7

    Helsinki + Day trip to Southpoint Finland

    Helsinki – the capital of Finland since 1812 (before this year, Turku was the Finnish capital), was founded in 1550 by the Swedish King Gustavus Wasa ...

  • pois_1

    Team + speed + conference at Myllyniemi

    Ordinary meetings are conducted in ordinary venues. Multi storey glass or concrete buildings in the city. In Western Uusimaa no meetings are held in o...

  • TZS-photo(JoannaNorkko)


    Tvärminne Zoological Station is a marine research station 119 km from Helsinki, between Tammisaari and Hanko.The station offers a stunning view of the...

  • JAP_

    Maritime programme + conference in Tvärminne...

    Hidden away by the seashore, lies a venue, which rarely would come to the mind of conference organisers.

  • Marine Lines Bengtskär LMC

    Marine Lines

    Marine Lines takes you out to the most spectacular archipelago. We run regular trips to the lighthouse islands of Bengtskär and Russarö.

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Sailing with Culture

Meeting the Odyssey is a itinerant three-summer-long theater project that connects people and artists from all over Europe. The project serves four main productions and 15 instant performances in 11 different countries. Theater makers in Europe unite their forces while sailing from the Baltic to the Mediterranean Sea in the spirit of the epic poem….