• Kuva Fiskarsin ruukista 2011

    FiskarsForum conference center

    Founded in 1649, Fiskars Village is a unique mix of the past and present. Fiskars Village, situated 89 kilometres from Helsinki, is known as a centre ...

  • raseborg


    This is the place for sucoessful conferences and meetings in relaxed and inspiring surroundings.

  • paivakumpu_3

    Wellbeing + culture + conference at Päiväkump...

    A conference at Päiväkumpu needs no further enhancements. The location in the midst of the nature ensures peaceful surroundings for your meeting.

  • Karelia-4_

    Creativity in Raseborg

    Among the things that people fear the most is to perform in front of an audience. However, fear is a lousy companion, so better get rid of it. Practic...

  • Sunfun-boat-image-Mathias-Bielenberg

    Sun Fun

    Outside Hanko the Baltic Sea offers numerous interesting places to visit. Enjoy the stunning archipelago nature on our seal safaris.

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Helsinki + Day trip to Southpoint Finland

Helsinki – the capital of Finland since 1812 (before this year, Turku was the Finnish capital), was founded in 1550 by the Swedish King Gustavus Wasa to become a powerful trade city to compete with the Hansatown of Reval (today known as Tallinn, capital of Estonia).