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Have you ever counted how many meetings you have been to in your life?

How many of them do you remember? Do you remember why all those meetings were held? Some venues you will remember. Why? Because they were different.

It is advisable to choose a conference venue which is not too far away, but also not too close. Meetings held close to your work place tend to lose participants, who in the late afternoon feel that office duties call for their attention.

In Western Uusimaa no venues are ordinary. Each one offers a memorable experience which makes your delegates remember why they attended the meeting.

It’s easy to come to Western Uusimaa:

Along highway no. 51 you will reach the municipalities of Kirkkonummi, Siuntio, Ingå and Raseborg. From Raseborg you carry on along highway 25 to Hanko. The train can also take you to those places, for timetables, please see

Along the motorway bewteen Helsinki and Turku you will find the junction for Lohja. From Lohja, highway 25 takes you south towards Raseborg and Hanko. There are buses to all towns and villages in Western Uusimaa, for timetables see

If you are travelling in a group, why not rent your own bus from us!

If not otherwise stated, the conference prices in our brochure are generally quoted for a group of at least 10 persons and for guidance only.

A tailor made quotation will be given by the service provider for your conference. Or, if you want the whole conference package, please contact us at

The price for a standard one-day conference as quoted in the brochure includes the following services: Coffee/tea and a sandwich on arrival, lunch, afternoon coffee/tea with sweet pastry, and VAT.

Western Uusimaa – so close, yet so different!

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